Luxury Full-Service Design

Luxury Full Service Design is a turn-key design service. We take care of all of the details from concept to the exciting final reveal managing all aspects of your project scope.

Benefits of this Service:

  • We provide a custom, curated, and well thought-out design for you
  • We manage all aspects of your project including procurement, purchasing, fabrication, delivery and installation
  • Stress-free & turn-key

*Pricing is per space - please inquire HERE for a custom quote for design of multiple spaces or smaller spaces such as powder rooms, foyers, laundry rooms, etc.. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

*Pricing is for Design Fee Only.

Is the Luxury + Full Service Design Package right for me?

  • I have at least one room in my home that needs to be fully furnished.

  • I have no interest in managing my design project, I prefer to trust the process and leave it to the design professionals.

  • I am a busy, hard-working professional and I want a beautiful home, but I don't have time to shop and piece together my space, I just want it done.

  • I am interested in a curated, one-of-a-kind space with high quality furniture pieces that will be both stylish and functional.

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, the Luxury + Full Service Design Package is a great fit for you!

What to Expect from our Luxury + Full Service Design Package:

  • Site Survey
  • A "Trade Day" (as needed)
  • Detailed Floor Plan to Scale (up to 2 options)
  • Custom Color Palette for the Space
  • Lighting Plan
  • Conceptual Rendering of the Space
  • Furnishings from our exclusive to-the-trade Vendors at a competitive price
  • Comprehensive Budget to Complete the Space
  • Design Plan Presentation
  • Up to 2 revisions (as needed)
  • Exclusive Design Studio Portal Access 24/7
  • White Glove delivery + Installation *(Due to marketplace delays, furnishings may be installed in more than one session.)
  • Exciting Reveal Day *(Due to marketplace delays, furnishings may be installed in more than one session.)
  • Follow Up Walk Through

To learn more about these valuable package deliverables, see the "Package Glossary" at the end of the page

Our Luxury + Full Service Process generally follow four phases:

  1.  After having a Discovery Call & Initial Consultation you may purchase the Luxury + Full Service Design Package

  2.  Design & Planning | Conceptual Phase: Project Investment (budget), Initial Design Concepts Developed, Space Planning

  3.  Sourcing - We acquire furnishings, fixtures and fittings from our trade resources at a competitive pricing level for you.

  4.  Delivery & Installation – Your new space is installed and finishing touches are put into place.

More information about the process:

After having a "Discovery Call" we will schedule an on-site "Initial Consultation." We will provide you with a Design Proposal & Letter of Agreement. When all parties have reviewed and agreed to the proposal and letter of agreement, you'll be able to sign or approve electronically and we'll collect the total design fee.

Next, we will set up an appointment for formal measurements of the space(s), and photos will be taken. If possible we will bring in any trades that may be needed during the project. During this appointment, we will also have a design meeting to confirm the overall investment, design style, and functionality of the space. It is highly recommended that all adult parties involved in the project are present during this meeting.

After about 4-6 weeks of diligent work on your Design Plan, we will present our full vision for your space for approval. Many elements will be actual, purchasable items, however some design elements, such as styling, may be conceptual. If need be, we will make up to two modifications so that all parties are ready to move on to the next phase.

After the Design Plan has been signed and approved we will finalize all selections and collect full payment for all products and materials.

We work behind the scenes to order, procure, approve samples, manage products, materials, furnishings and finishes for the project on your behalf. After all the furnishings have been ordered we will send you weekly updates on the status of your project. This part of the design process is always the longest, but we promise we are going to take care of it all for you, and it will be awesome! *(Due to current marketplace delays, furnishings may require extended lead times.)

We will create a project schedule and coordinate any tradespeople (as needed) who are necessary for the job and begin work. We will provide you the best timeline we possibly can. We will also track and coordinate all freight, shipments and deliveries, holding and storing all items until the Installation Phase. If items arrive damaged or incorrect, we will handle everything and make it right.

As we approach the end of the project, we will schedule your Install Day to install all the furnishings, finishing touches and accessories in the space(s).

A tremendous amount of planning goes into preparing for the final install day; these days are often 10 hour days for our team. We ask that you plan to do something outside of the home during this process so that we can have the house to ourselves and give you that jaw-dropping “reveal” moment! We will deliver furnishings and install every last detail and accessory so that when you come home, the music is playing, the candles are lit and your space is entirely complete. And yes, many times our clients cry (in a good way) during Reveal Day. I’ll bring the tissues!

You will have 5 days to let us know about any styling (accessory) elements you do not wish to keep, but we’ll warn you, you’ll probably fall in love with everything… most of our client’s do.

Shortly after the installation we’ll often bring in our photography team, and shoot the areas we'd like to capture. Often times we’ll share and tour the space on social media on this day as well.

We will follow up with you one week after the Install and Reveal Day, Carla will visit you in your home for a final walk-through of the project. We’ll ask that you keep track of any repairs or concerns you have with a very detailed "punch list" so that we can take care of them during our final walk-through of the space. We love coming back into your home after we’ve turned it over to you completely transformed!

Let us handle everything about your project from start to finish. Designing a space all the way through to completion is what we do best!

For more information about our Luxury + Full Service Design Package schedule your complimentary Discovery Call HERE.

Package Glossary

Site Survey: Formal measurements and photos of the existing space

Trade Day: We'll pull in our best tradesmen and women to get their input on any design ideas that involve construction, repair, etc. We'll consult with them to get their professional opinion on the cost and scope associated with the work

Detailed Floor Plan to Scale: We will determine the best and most functional Floor Plan for your space(s) understanding the way you you want to live in your space (two options maximum).

Conceptual Rendering: A visual representation of the space pulled together in a cohesive design including the floor plan, furnishings, colors, and light fixture styles. We will provide a maximum of two conceptual renderings per project.

Design Plan Specifications: We'll share detailed descriptions of the furnishings we'd like you to source for the space including general dimensions.

Local Trade Resource List: If you need a resource to execute part of our design plan, we've got you covered and can provide resources for you to connect with.

Lighting and Accessory Concept: We'll include lighting/accessory/styling elements in your rendering.

Design Studio Portal: There is a substantial amount of information and detail that goes into a design project. To maintain organization, we have an online project management system or “Studio Portal” available to you 24/7. This system will become our base point for all details related to the project for up to 6 months from project completion. You will also have the ability to print hard copies of the deliverables.